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Browse Office Suites - Business & Finance : 51-100 programs listed after popularity

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  • Scry  51)   Scry 4.22
    Scry is a desktop IN-AND-OUT board, providing an instant reference of who's in or out of your organisation. Ideal for businesses that operate with a LAN, Scry tells you where your colleagues are, without you having to leave your desk.

  • Business Letter Professional 2007  54)   Business Letter Professional 2007 7.25
    Best letter-making software for marketing managers, home businesses, consultants, accountants,secretaries,customer service, HR managers, and CEOs. Includes more than 1000 typical business letter templates.

  • Advanced ID Creator Enterprise  55)   Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 9.10.245
    Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Advanced ID Creator allows you to create great looking id cards. Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design.

  • Flashnote  56)   Flashnote 4.72
    Flashnote is a quick notes manager for your quick work with any text information. You can always have it at hand and you can damage it without hesitation if necessary. Try it and we hope that you will get a true helper for your computer work.

  • ExcelPipe Search and Replace  57)   ExcelPipe Search and Replace 6.1
    Search and Replace multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Change hyperlinks and UNC paths when servers get renamed, update names, addresses and phone numbers, translate with find/replace lists. Automatically handles passwords. Unicode compliant

  • Belltech Small Business Publisher  58)   Belltech Small Business Publisher 5.2
    Print flyers, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, CD DVD labels, address labels and more. with Belltech Small Business Publisher. This printing software comes with many design templates and cutting-edge tools and connects to MS Excel, Access files.

  • Message Organizer Deluxe  59)   Message Organizer Deluxe 3.9
    Message Organizer Deluxe is a simple yet complete phone call, phone message, and in-persons visit management software for Windows users. Our software helps to record, track, and manage all messages for your office.

  • 7ContactMacOSX  60)   7ContactMacOSX 3.6
    60-Day Free Trial, networkable. Easy to use Sales Cycle Management for small biz. Qualifying leads, call reporting, followup, tasking, pricing bids, invoicing, purchasing, A/R A/P, sales reports, inventory control. Requires FileMaker Pro 6[Win/Mac]

  • Synconizer  61)   Synconizer 1.5
    Integrates Schedules, Notes, and Contacts in one versatile package. Multiple import/export, save and print capabilities make Synconizer a straightforward, fast and secure PIM. Synconizer can even synchronize and share data over the Internet and LAN.

  • TAPICall  62)   TAPICall 1.2
    TAPICall turns your desktop PC into a highly efficient CTI work station by means of Outlook add-in, Popup of your contacts by Phone number, Journal entry, Operates with any up-to-date PBX or ISDN controller, Nontutorial handling,

  • Atrise ToRTF  63)   Atrise ToRTF 2.2.0
    The ToRTF file format converter can convert these file formats to portable RTF: Windows WordPad, Microsoft Word 2, 6.0-95, 97-2002, 2003, 2007, Word Perfect, Works, HTML and other types. No MS Office is required. Optimized for dual-core CPU.

  • Excel Server 2005 Enterprise Edition  64)   Excel Server 2005 Enterprise Edition 7.1.7
    Excel Server integrates MS Excel and MS SQL Server into a network-based Enterprise Information Platform, on which business processes can be implemented and deployed easily in a business-oriented and "DIY" manner. It is also an EAI product.

  • LogAnalytics  65)   LogAnalytics 2.0
    LogAnalytics automatically accumulates the necessary data simultaneously from several polytypic log sources, realizes user-defined statistical treatment and presents results in a set of easy-to-understand rotatable 3D graphs through a convenient WEB-based interface.

  • Email Templates  66)   Email Templates 5.0
    Email Templates™ is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook designed to send personalized messages rapidly to individuals and multiple recipients. Email Templates has the ability to create customizable message templates, speeding the handling of email.

  • PDF Creator  67)   PDF Creator 1.24
    Free Unlock/ByPass iCloud for iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4 and iPad up to iOS 8.4 Beta

  • flin4clean 2006  69)   flin4clean 2006 1.6
    Easy Manage Invoices and Visits for Cleaning Companies. Is the software thought for small and middle cleaning factories that want to make automatic creation of the invoices and manage visits. The only thing you need is creating customers file!

  • Excel Billing Invoicing Software  70)   Excel Billing Invoicing Software 7.0
    This software offers a solution to users who want to create custom billing statements. Included is a form which covers all important fields such as invoice number, amount paid, and item description.

  • novaPDF Std  71)   novaPDF Std 6.0
    novaPDF Std allows you to easily create PDF files. It installs as a printer driver, enabling you to print from any Windows application. Features include: customizable resolution, embed fonts, text/image compression, private profiles and more.

  • Adressi  72)   Adressi 2.0
    Adressi is a tool to create a adressdatabank with a lot of useful features like to write e-mails and letters, telephone, connect with the Internetpage, to search adresses in the Internet/the databank, to export adresses in txt/html/Adressi

  • Excel Macro Processor  73)   Excel Macro Processor 1.4
    Excel Macro Processor allows you to apply Excel macros to a lot of MS Excel files (.xls) at a time. You can use useful macros from our library or add your own macros. Develop solutions of automation for your business based on Excel macros and VBA.

  • Task Pane Wizard for Office  74)   Task Pane Wizard for Office 1.1
    The Task Pane Wizard for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and FrontPage (XP and 2003) turns the Office Task Pane into a powerful document, template and web site launcher.

  • PDF Master Server Edition  75)   PDF Master Server Edition 3.0
    PDF Master Server Edition wird auf einem Netzwerk-Server installiert und ermöglicht die serverseitige Konvertierung von Dokumenten, für die entsprechende Anfragen von den Netzwerk-Computern an den Server gesandt werden, in das PDF-Format.

  • SmartPAC Link For OUTLOOK  76)   SmartPAC Link For OUTLOOK 1.0
    Work smarter not harder, by reducing the number of steps it takes to accomplish everyday tasks and by making it easier to access your office documents and save valuable time. We all have clients/contacts people we deal with every day and for whom we have sent emails, letters, spreadsheets etc using the Microsoft Office suite of products.But When it comes to finding documents at a later date it can be hard to find them,SmartPAC Link can help you.

  • Advanced Business Card Maker  77)   Advanced Business Card Maker 3.0
    Indentsoft Advanced Business Card Maker is a professional quality business card designing and printing software. This helps you create stunning business cards and customize your card printing in many ways.

  • Attachments Processor for Outlook  78)   Attachments Processor for Outlook 4.4.3
    The program can automatically extract attachments from incoming messages to save them to disk (they are replaced with a link to the file or with a text description), unpack archived attachments, and pack attachments in the outgoing messages.

  • ABC Amber Sony Converter  79)   ABC Amber Sony Converter 1.05
    Advanced utility which converts your LRF (Sony) files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, TXT, and more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.

  • II_QuickMemo  80)   II_QuickMemo 1.5
    QuickMemo is the fastest and easiest way to write notes and reminders. Format text, background color selection, automatic save, foreground operation, copy text to/from Clipboard are standard features. Works also in a group environment, sends notes to

  • Places Bar Wizard for Office  81)   Places Bar Wizard for Office 1.0
    The Places Bar Wizard for Microsoft Office lets you create separate Places Bars for each Office application, and activates them fully automatically. In Office XP and later you can add up to 256 buttons to each Places Bar.

  • MAPILab Toolbox  82)   MAPILab Toolbox 3.3.3
    A set of 18 "must have" Microsoft Outlook 2003-2013 add-ins for high-performance and useful functionality: you can schedule message sending; access files from your computer through email; manage your contact base; redirect your messages, and more.

  • CalcRecovery  83)   CalcRecovery 1.1.0906
    Recovery for Calc is data recovery program for OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets (.ods). Recovery for Calc retrieves cells data and all standard cell's properties from corrupted OpenOffice spreadsheets. Recoveres files created by OpenOffice Calc 2.0.

  • WordPerfect Document Converter  84)   WordPerfect Document Converter 3.0.1
    Convert WordPerfect documents to Word, PDF, RTF or Text. With the integrated WPDC toolbar you can perform the conversions from right inside of WordPerfect.

  • ShareCalendar  85)   ShareCalendar 3.60
    Sync Outlook calendar without server. Microsoft Outlook add-in for sharing and synchronizing Outlook calendar items, appointments, meetings. Sync calendar folder in a few clicks, share outlook calendar items automatically. Share Free Busy time.

  • SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript  86)   SpreadsheetConverter to HTML/JavaScript 5.2.0
    Converts spreadsheets to web pages that work like Excel. Sends forms to your Inbox. Use menus, calendars, check boxes etc. Put your expense reports, surveys, order forms, financial and engineering calculators on the web. Supports live charts.

  • WinOLS DEMO  87)   WinOLS DEMO 1.098
    Great editor for the chiptuning of cars with lots of useful features - Automatic map recognition - Text/2d/3d display - Checksum calculation by additional plugins - Damos/Asap2-Import by additional plugins

  • pdfOffice / pdfOffice Pro  88)   pdfOffice / pdfOffice Pro 4.0
    pdf-Office is a very progressive software solution to create PDF forms and documents. Shape sophisticated forms within minutes, write texts as in Word, imports graphics to your documents - do this without training from scratch.

  • Able2Doc - PDF to Word Conversion  89)   Able2Doc - PDF to Word Conversion 6.00
    Able2Doc (A2D) enables users to view and convert data from PDF format into formatted Word documents that can then be edited. A2E converts graphics and preserves the PDF layout of text in Word documents.

  • WS:Compress Out  90)   WS:Compress Out 1.03.0002
    Every time you send an email that contains attachments, WS:Compress Out will automatically compress the attachment and resave in the mail item before sending.

  • Total Excel Converter  91)   Total Excel Converter 3.7
    Convert XLS, XLSX, ODS, XML spreadsheets to PDF, Word, Text, CSV or Lotus files. Excel Converter has the widest list of supported formats (including OpenOffice, ODS, XML, SQL, Lotus, DBF, LaTeX). Get the professional solution that is yet easy-to-use.

  • 4Sales CRM  92)   4Sales CRM 2.8
    4Sales CRM is the affordable, team-based customer management solution that will help you gain control of your customer relationships, and boost overall revenue by delivering a complete business solution with sales automation.

  • 3D Graph Generator  93)   3D Graph Generator 2.3.0
    Fly-through 3D graph software for exciting presentations, marketing, sales, analysis and fun!

  • IVM Telephone Answering Attendant  94)   IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 5.10
    IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, phone attendant and interactive voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with voice modems or professional telephony line devices.

  • OsaSync PRO  95)   OsaSync PRO 5.2
    OsaSync PRO enables you to share and/or synchronize via LAN or FTP: Microsoft Outlook contacts, appointments, tasks, notes and e-mails. Save your customers in a common contacts folder and keep track of everybody's schedule with a common calendar.

  • NetScope  96)   NetScope 1.10
    NetScope scans a network, and checks when someone switches a PC on or off. NetScope then sends an e-mail message to you or to your GSM SMS e-mail. NetScope also can play sound or run any program.

  • Flash Card Recovery Software  97)   Flash Card Recovery Software
    Recover your deleted or lost data files from flash card which is formatted or corrupted, using Flash Card Recovery Software. Flash Card Recovery Software recovers all type of image files, video files, document files from flash card.

  • ABC Amber Word2Excel Converter  98)   ABC Amber Word2Excel Converter 3.01
    Advanced utility which converts tables from DOC (MS Word) files to XLS (MS Excel) easily and quickly. Supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.

  • FREE PDF Document Creator  99)   FREE PDF Document Creator 3.0
    Highly professional software, not the normal junk that is passed around for free. Download a free copy and see for yourself! Works on all windows platforms Creates professional PDF documents that are 100% compatible. Spyware Free!

  • Belltech Business Card Designer Pro  100)   Belltech Business Card Designer Pro 5.4
    Belltech Business Card Designer Pro helps you design and print your own business cards with logo from professional quality business card templates in minutes. This business card maker software supports all Avery papers, has great design tools.

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